Two Ways to Live

The Gospel (or "good news") is the message of the Bible and the heart of the Christian faith. To view an online presentation of the Gospel message by Matthias Media, please click the Two Ways to Live icon on the left and then scroll down.

The New City Catechism

Catechisms use a question-and-answer format to communicate core biblical beliefs. In short, it is an ancient tool for discipleship. The New City Catechism is a modernized and abbreviated document that draws on a number of the historic Protestant catechisms. It includes key verses for the doctrines being discussed as well as explanatory comments and a prayer. This catechism is a great way for individuals and families to be better grounded in the truth. To see an online version of the catechism by Crossway, please click on the icon to the left. On that page you will also find instructions for downloading the mobile app.